Friday, 27 May 2016

How To Fix Flickering Lights

When you see flickering lights in your house, then you get the feeling of the haunted house. We are not saying your house is haunted because you are having this issue of flickering lights, nor we are saying this problem is not resolvable. But we do recommend you to take necessary actions for same without any delay and you should take it very seriously. In case, you are wondering how to fix flickering lights in your home, then following are some suggestion that can do the work for you.
Start with source: This is the first and most basic thing that you need to do for dealing with flickering lights. If you have a florescent bulb then it may start flickering because of various reasons such as low temperature, burning of the bulb in the socket and similar issue. If this flickering happens once in a while then you don’t have to worry much about it else you should change the bulb without any delay.

In case, you have LED bulb in your home and you are having flickering problems, then dimmer switch could be the main reason for that. Most of the time dimmer switches are designed to handle bigger switches and LED bulbs draw a very low voltage. In this situation, you need to cross check the dimmer model that work well with your bulb and you get it accordingly.

Tight your bulb: Sometimes solution of flickering lights could be simple, but very rarely people do that. Sometimes you just need to flip your bulb to make it tight in the bulb holder. This is definitely a simple task, but not a lot of homeowners do this. This is not only simple, but it is safe as well, yet many homeowners don’t do it because of various reasons. Some stay worried about security issues and some think it will be not worth to do this. So, next time you get flickering lights in your home, then try to screw it once and who knows you will get the solution.

Faulty switch: Faulty switch could be another reason for flickering lights in your home. If you notice that you are not getting click sound when you are turning on or off your light bulb, then you can start blaming your switch for the light. This lack of sound proves it is not working as smoothly and properly as it should work. Sometimes this switch just starts loosing the connection and that that gives you flicker in your light. This switch neither cut off the electric connection, nor it gives continue electricity that is essential for any light bulb. To solve this issue, you only need to change the switch. However, this is not a task that you should do by yourself and that is why you should call an electrician for this work.

Damaged holder: Just like damaged or faulty switch, your holder may also have some damages in it. If you have a damaged holder than that damaged holder can be the responsible thing for the lights flickering in your home or in your room. If you don’t have any problem in the switch or in the bulb and if you feel holder it breaking, then calling an electrician would be a good idea. You can call an electrician and you can ask him to change the old holder with a new one. Hopefully, that should solve the problem for you and you should be able to get the results with ease.

Old wiring or connectors: If you notice that you are having light flickering issues in your entire house, then old wirings could be a the issue. For identifying this issue, you just need to check the age of the wiring and if you notice that you have not upgraded the wiring in more than 10 years or close to that time, then you should consider upgrading it. In this situation, you may not do much other than calling an electrician. You can call an expert, you can share whatever problem you have and you can ask the repairing cost or replacement cost. Same applies for the connectors as well and if you have loose connectors in your wiring, then also you may have this issue. To deal with that connector issue also you need to call an electrician and he can do the needful for same.

Heavy load: If you don’t have any of the above issues, you are certain that your electrical connections are new and you have light flickering issue in your entire house, then you should try to check the electricity load of your home. Sometimes heavy load also cause for the flickering issue of light. To check out this issue or root cause, you can try reducing your home electricity load and you can check if things are working smooth for you or not. For reducing your load, you can turn off your water heater, fridge, and other equipment’s that consume the same kind of heavy load. That simple thing can help you get to the root of the problem. If you have this issue in your home because of heavy load, then you can talk to your electrician and he can suggest you some way to reduce the load or some other alternative solution for that.

If none of the above issues are responsible for your flickering lights and you are clueless for same, then you should check your neighbour’s electrical use. This may not be very pleasing, but if your neighbour is running some heavy electrical equipment that are beyond the load capacity, then you may have this issue. In such situation, you can either have patience with a hope it will work well. If that does not work out then you can talk to your neighbour or you can call your electric company. Apart from that you can also try talking your electrician and maybe he would give you some solution that does not involve any kind of fight between you and your neighbour for this issue.