Monday, 21 November 2016

Choosing Contemporary Chandeliers Lights to Transform Bedroom

Do you want to give your house a rich look? If yes, make your home look magnificent and gleaming with crystal chandelier lights for the bedroom. They are installed on the roof of the living or dining area. One chandelier light not only illuminates but also embellishes the entire hallway with magnificence. They are varied in designs, styles, and colors. Being regal of all light fixtures, chandelier lights complement the space of the home. More often, they are reserved for formal dining rooms, occasional living area, and large entrances. In the recent times, they are used in kitchens, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. Yes, it is true to say that chandelier lights are in trend these days.

Upgrade your home with elegant light lights for the bedroom and feel like as if you are living in the lap of luxury. The procedure of Chandeliers online shopping India is quite easy and comfortable. Discover an amazing and eye-catchy range of chandelier lights online. From sophisticated to crystal, from modern to ethnic, all styles of chandelier lights are available for you. Before choosing it, think about your space many times and which light fixture would go perfectly with your interior. Available in a wide spectrum of designs, colors, styles and shapes, these lights can be customizable as per your choice and preferences.Nowadays, the multi-colored chandelier lights are running more in trend. The chandeliers lights available online cost quite reasonable and minimal. These regal pieces come in an array of seamless finishes comprising ivory, iron, ebony and bronze.

Now, you can get a chandelier light of your choice delivered to your communication address. In fact, the online delivery is done as per your convenience. The online delivery system is prompt, swiftest, time-bound and efficient. There are many benefits of online delivery that include no hidden charges, free shipping charges, and hassle-free delivery.

It is not necessary that a chandelier light should be chosen exactly as per your room décor. Sometimes, the contrasting or we can say contradictory things do better. So, even the different chandelier lights with your room can do better and embellish your home with a unique ambiance. To add a pinch of trendiness to your home décor, opt for black chandelier light. In addition to this, a chandelier light of bold color with geometric patterns is the perfect option for you. While choosing a chandelier light, keep the colors of walls and home furniture in mind. Though a chandelier light would be a focal point of your home, make sure that it should not overwhelm rest of the elements. Bigger chandeliers would look better in a room having less furniture. On the other hand, small chandeliers will go perfectly in rooms with heavy furniture. Complying with the latest trends, it is advisable to go for contemporary chandelier light.

So, why are you wasting time? In this festive season, go for chandeliers online shopping India. Opt for energy saver chandeliers as they are more advantageous, perfect and cut lots of cost on your electricity bill.

Mini Chandeliers For Singapore: Big Things Come In Small Packages.
Chandeliers have always been thought of as highlighting fixtures. They are those that are suspended from the ceiling, but the whose source of light comes from one setting, even though there are a variety of lights in one. Because chandeliers were traditionally grand, and the material of such was much conformed to a more formal setting, not many people were inclined to buy chandeliers for their home even if chandeliers were indeed great decorative pieces.

When it comes to lighting and decor, chandeliers are one of those types of lights that can bridge both, as it can be both. As being mainly a type of lighting, it has the elements that can lit up any room it is placed in. As a being a type of decor secondarily, it can have the design that draws in people's attentions. It can also beautify the home or add warmth, depending on the type of lighting. Years before, perhaps many people would not think of chandeliers as efficient lighting for the home, for chandeliers were always thought of regarding grandness and magnificence.

Thus, although it can certainly be the light catered to by large places, it can never be a practical addition to the home. Nowadays, however, these so-called modern chandeliers have emerged to cater to more flexibility, in a way that it can decorate a wider scope of household types. These types of chandeliers are now becoming more and more popular, for who would not want to have a chandelier dangling in their homes, to beautify and command attention?

One of these modern pieces of chandeliers is called mini chandeliers or chandleries. As its name implies, mini chandeliers are the significantly smaller versions of chandeliers. Many people today are turning to these mini chandeliers for lighting and decoration, for they are very flexible. These small chandeliers can be placed anywhere inside ones home, depending on the design and style of the mini chandelier. Its decorative advantage not only lies in the design of the mini chandelier by itself but also with its capability to be grouped with other mini chandeliers. The arrangement could be a significant decorative advantage.

Mini chandeliers as efficient lighting.
We have established that mini chandeliers are the small versions of chandeliers in their conventionality. Thus, it is a lot less costly but a lot more flexible for home decor and lighting than the standard chandeliers. Another good thing about mini chandeliers is that they can also be geared towards practical lighting than standard chandeliers will ever be. This is because mini chandeliers can be used task lights. Task lights are lights that are used for specific tasks, like as light source under cabinets, for these are places that tend to be dim, especially at night. Mini chandeliers, being small that they are, are good for task lighting. This is why a lot of people think that it is not only decorative but a practical addition for the home.

Mini chandeliers as decorative lighting.
The one thing that chandeliers never fail to do is to grab the attention of anyone who enters the room where it is placed. When companies started making mini chandeliers, they did not want to lose this quality that chandeliers were always associated with. Though mini chandeliers are small, they can still be eye-catchers. Because they do not have the grandness associated with traditional chandeliers, mini chandeliers make up for it by adding warmth to the home.

Their designs can be attention-grabbers, and these mini chandeliers for Singapore are commonly placed in small areas like the stairways, a specific part of the bedroom or dining room or even the kitchen. Wherever they are placed, they are sure to give warmth and beauty. These mini chandeliers can also be grouped together and arranged in such a way as to create the ambiance you want.

Their designs can be attention-grabbers, and these mini chandeliers for Singapore are commonly placed in small areas like the stairways, a specific part of the bedroom or dining room or even the kitchen. Wherever they are placed, they are sure to give warmth and beauty. These mini chandeliers can also be grouped together and arranged in such a way as to create the ambiance you want.

Monday, 26 September 2016

How to Choose the Correct Lighting for Restaurants

Restaurants usually invest most of their attention in planning the menus, the decorations, the seating - but what if all these efforts go unnoticed, what if your guests barely get to see all your hard work. This is likely to happen if you do not give enough importance to the lighting of your restaurant.

An otherwise good dining experience can easily be spoiled if an “intimate atmosphere” you tried to create is too dark, or if your restaurant looks too bright for your kind of establishment. It is thus very important to select the lighting of your restaurant very carefully. If you are now wondering how to make the right selection, then continue reading to discover your answer.

1. Consider when you will stay open
The time of the day when you will be open to offer service needs to be considered while selecting lighting for restaurants.

If you start at late afternoon and only offer dinner then you should opt for softer, low-intensity light to create the right mood.

If you are basically a brunch/breakfast place then bright lighting will help set the right mood and give your customers the exact light they need to read the newspapers with their cup of coffee.

For lunch, you can use a lighting that the day crowd finds comfortable, but it is still bright enough for table turnover. You certainly want your customers to have a nice time, but would not want them to spend their entire afternoon there reading a book and sipping water after completing lunch.

Dimming the lights during the evening will help create the right ambiance.

If you plan to open a lunch of breakfast restaurant for the first time then choose a location that can allow enough natural light into your eatery through huge windows. Windows will do half the work of the lighting during the day, and will also cut electricity costs. However, even if you have big windows, you still need to be prepared for stormy or cloudy days with some nice accent lightings.

2. Select the right color lighting
Every light bulb has a certain shade of white light or a specific “color temperature”. Golden tones and warmer orange can be found in certain bulbs whereas others may offer crisp white light.

Now, you need to think what type of restaurant you have to decide the right light.

For a fast casual or quick serve eatery, a crisp, white light will help create the right environment, and give the perfect daytime feeling.

Fine dining places can use warmer colors to create a nice sophisticated atmosphere.

Family restaurants will do well by opting for something in between – not as bright as the quick serve ones, but still brighter than the formal dining places.

No matter what color lighting you opt for, be sure to see your food underneath it before you light up your entire restaurant with those lights. You certainly would not like it if the light looks great, but your delicious dishes underneath it looks completely unattractive.

3. Never go too dim
Many owners of fine dining restaurants make a common mistake, and that is keeping the place too dark. There is nothing wrong with creating a nice mood with evening lighting, but make sure that it does not impair visibility. Remember, visibility at the table is not enough, your guests should also be able to see the entire dining room.

Creating a nice dramatic atmosphere is certainly great, but your guests would also want to read your menu. This is all the more important if your usual visitors are middle-aged or older. If your lighting makes it difficult for your guests to place their order, it certainly will not create a positive experience.

4. Give important to functionality
Style certainly is very important when it comes to decorating a restaurant. Every aspect of your dining area design should complement each other, and this includes the lighting. However, many a time people give more importance to how a certain fixture look, and not consider how that fixture will make everything around it look.

Be careful and make sure that no matter what bulb type or fixture you select they should be stylish, but equally practical. It will be of no use if the light bulb you select has the right color and brightness, but the fixtures only darken the room or just looks out of place.

5. Energy efficiency is important
Electricity contributes to a great extent to the overall utility bills of your restaurant. Halogen lamps and conventional incandescent bulbs can generate too much heat, which will not only make your employees and guests feel uncomfortable but will also increase your electricity and air conditioning usage.

So, you should instead invest in energy efficient bulbs to cut down on your utility bill. LED lights are a perfect option for the back and front of your restaurant. They can cost you little more than conventional bulbs, but in the long run, they will save you lots of money, and will last you longer.

6. Check out other restaurants that are doing it right
It is wise for every business owner to keep track of successes and trends in their industry, particularly in their local area. The next time you go dining at a restaurant (particularly one that is like yours) carefully observe the lighting. Does it help create the right mood? Does it contribute to a good dining experience, or is it a distraction?

Also, when you eat in a restaurant that has perfect lighting, carefully see how it has been set up. Where is the source of the light installed? What kind of color are the bulbs generating? Do make a note of such details so that you can use them in your own dining place.

The right lighting in a restaurant creates the right ambiance and the right ambiance allows the guests to have a nice time. Happy guests will recommend your restaurant to friends and family, more recommendations means more guests, and more guests will further increase your income. The right lighting contributes to a great extent in making your business successful, so do select it very, very carefully. 

Friday, 27 May 2016

How To Fix Flickering Lights

When you see flickering lights in your house, then you get the feeling of the haunted house. We are not saying your house is haunted because you are having this issue of flickering lights, nor we are saying this problem is not resolvable. But we do recommend you to take necessary actions for same without any delay and you should take it very seriously. In case, you are wondering how to fix flickering lights in your home, then following are some suggestion that can do the work for you.
Start with source: This is the first and most basic thing that you need to do for dealing with flickering lights. If you have a florescent bulb then it may start flickering because of various reasons such as low temperature, burning of the bulb in the socket and similar issue. If this flickering happens once in a while then you don’t have to worry much about it else you should change the bulb without any delay.

In case, you have LED bulb in your home and you are having flickering problems, then dimmer switch could be the main reason for that. Most of the time dimmer switches are designed to handle bigger switches and LED bulbs draw a very low voltage. In this situation, you need to cross check the dimmer model that work well with your bulb and you get it accordingly.

Tight your bulb: Sometimes solution of flickering lights could be simple, but very rarely people do that. Sometimes you just need to flip your bulb to make it tight in the bulb holder. This is definitely a simple task, but not a lot of homeowners do this. This is not only simple, but it is safe as well, yet many homeowners don’t do it because of various reasons. Some stay worried about security issues and some think it will be not worth to do this. So, next time you get flickering lights in your home, then try to screw it once and who knows you will get the solution.

Faulty switch: Faulty switch could be another reason for flickering lights in your home. If you notice that you are not getting click sound when you are turning on or off your light bulb, then you can start blaming your switch for the light. This lack of sound proves it is not working as smoothly and properly as it should work. Sometimes this switch just starts loosing the connection and that that gives you flicker in your light. This switch neither cut off the electric connection, nor it gives continue electricity that is essential for any light bulb. To solve this issue, you only need to change the switch. However, this is not a task that you should do by yourself and that is why you should call an electrician for this work.

Damaged holder: Just like damaged or faulty switch, your holder may also have some damages in it. If you have a damaged holder than that damaged holder can be the responsible thing for the lights flickering in your home or in your room. If you don’t have any problem in the switch or in the bulb and if you feel holder it breaking, then calling an electrician would be a good idea. You can call an electrician and you can ask him to change the old holder with a new one. Hopefully, that should solve the problem for you and you should be able to get the results with ease.

Old wiring or connectors: If you notice that you are having light flickering issues in your entire house, then old wirings could be a the issue. For identifying this issue, you just need to check the age of the wiring and if you notice that you have not upgraded the wiring in more than 10 years or close to that time, then you should consider upgrading it. In this situation, you may not do much other than calling an electrician. You can call an expert, you can share whatever problem you have and you can ask the repairing cost or replacement cost. Same applies for the connectors as well and if you have loose connectors in your wiring, then also you may have this issue. To deal with that connector issue also you need to call an electrician and he can do the needful for same.

Heavy load: If you don’t have any of the above issues, you are certain that your electrical connections are new and you have light flickering issue in your entire house, then you should try to check the electricity load of your home. Sometimes heavy load also cause for the flickering issue of light. To check out this issue or root cause, you can try reducing your home electricity load and you can check if things are working smooth for you or not. For reducing your load, you can turn off your water heater, fridge, and other equipment’s that consume the same kind of heavy load. That simple thing can help you get to the root of the problem. If you have this issue in your home because of heavy load, then you can talk to your electrician and he can suggest you some way to reduce the load or some other alternative solution for that.

If none of the above issues are responsible for your flickering lights and you are clueless for same, then you should check your neighbour’s electrical use. This may not be very pleasing, but if your neighbour is running some heavy electrical equipment that are beyond the load capacity, then you may have this issue. In such situation, you can either have patience with a hope it will work well. If that does not work out then you can talk to your neighbour or you can call your electric company. Apart from that you can also try talking your electrician and maybe he would give you some solution that does not involve any kind of fight between you and your neighbour for this issue.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

6 Things To Know About Installing LED Lights

Development  energy efficient light bulbs has been advancing at a furious pace. This is because more people are aware of environmental impact that non-energy efficient light bulbs are. Manufacturers have been competing with each other to produce the most energy efficient light bulb that meets the requirements of different people. The increase in the number of manufacturers working on energy efficient light bulbs like Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs has had a positive impact, not only are there more choices on the market but the price has been pushed down. There are three basic reasons that people should consider changing to LED bulbs.

1. They are energy efficient which means they do not use as much current as incandescent bulbs
2. They have a wide application in most homes
3. They are cost-effective and cheaper
4. They are energy efficient which means they do not use as much current as incandescent bulbs
5. They have a wide application in most homes
6. They are cost-effective and cheaper

Initial reactions to LED lights 
When LED bulbs first came onto the market there were a lot of people who did not like how dim they were as well as how cold. Those first experiences have kept some people away from LED lights but LED light bulbs have changed. LED lights now come with different brightness and color and a range of fittings. 

Here’s a guide on how LED light bulbs have evolved and the advantages for home users who switch to LED Lights:

1. The Lumens ratings
The Simple light bulb has come a long way. Consumers now have more choices like CFLs, Incandescent, Halogens and LED lights as well as different choices with regards to size, shape, the bulb base as well as price. FTC come up with a ranking system to help make buying LED lights easy. 

All light bulbs are required to be packaged with labels that replace watts to lumens. Lumens are an indicator of amount of the light a bulb can emit, it is the brightness of a light bulb You can compare the lumens or brightness levels of a light bulb before you buy it. You can then compare the different energy efficiencies that each type of bulb has and determined the lifetime cost.

2. There is no Mercury in LED Bulbs 
When the concept of energy efficient light bulbs was introduced, it was the CPL bulbs that were delivered to the market. CPLs had one drawback, it has small amounts of mercury which made them a little dangerous when broken and make them an environment hazard when they are disposed of. The issue of Mercury is confusing because despite the mercury in the bulbs, manufacturers and regulators still reasoned that the amount of mercury in CPL is not that significant to cause environmental problems. CFL bulbs are still being sold as energy efficient light bulbs but for people with issues about the mercury in the bulb have chosen to look at Led light bulbs because they do not contain mercury. There is no potential hazardous condition that can arise from the handling and disposal of LED bulbs.

3. LEDs bulbs instantly light up 
CPLs and tubular fluorescent light do not come on immediately when they are switched on. There is a hesitation before they start glowing. LEDs come on in an instant. They do not flicker, or appear to be trying to warm up when they are turned on. The light does not flicker. In the past LED lights could not be dimmed but now they have been designed to work with light dimming switches. LED light bulbs lose their brightness over time and will emit a low light. This is a useful indicator for when consumers need to start thinking about replacing their bulbs.

4. LEDs reduce the interior heat input
LED lights produce a cold light. Normal incandescent light bulbs can emit a lot of heat. LED bulbs release a cold light, which is great for people who live in warm climates like Singapore. To illustrate:
A 100 watt incandescent it puts out 100 Joules of energy per second. In a room measuring 48 m³ one 100w bulb can raise the temperature by 0,00170C/second. This means that in one hour, the room’s temperature will have risen by 60C.

LED bulbs are designed with aluminum struts around the bulb which acts as a heat sink to keep the temperatures low. LED bulbs by any measure cannot contribute to the buildup of heat which ensures a cooler interior. 

5. LED bulbs are UV free
A lot of the LED bulbs do not emit ultraviolet light like most other bulbs. UV light attracts moths, mosquitoes and all those insects that come out at night. This feature is not available in all LED bulbs. There are special LED bulbs that can be put outside that will not attract insects that are commonly attracted by white light.

6. Know the difference between UL (Universal Laboratory) compliant and UL Listed
Most LED bulb packages are marked either with UL listed or “UL” Compliant. The UL Listed label refers to bulbs that were manufactured using UL guidelines. These bulbs are then given a UL listed mark which means that they were created under strict conditions that ensure quality product tests. UL compliant LED bulbs are bulbs manufactured in accordance to the UL guidelines but the manufacturing process and the testing might not be as stringent as that prescribed by the Universal Laboratory. 

Unfortunately as the LED market grows and demand is on an incline as it has been a lot of manufacturers will claim UL listings or compliance to sell their product. There might be a price war but as a consumer you need to weary of products that are ridiculously low and make outlandish claims. Quality products might be slightly more expensive but it is worth it. A quality LED bulb will last long and give you real value for your money.

Unfortunately as the LED market grows and demand is on an incline as it has been a lot of manufacturers will claim UL listings or compliance to sell their product. There might be a price war but as a consumer you need to weary of products that are ridiculously low and make outlandish claims. Quality products might be slightly more expensive but it is worth it. A quality LED bulb will last long and give you real value for your money.