Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Tips for Choosing Lighting for Home and Office

Choosing right lighting for an office as well as a home is quite different. While choosing it for your office you will have to focus on the functional lights that can help in doing various types of works like work focused light, for reading and writing emails or relaxing etc. Similarly while choosing light for your home you will have to consider different types of moods depending upon for which room you are selecting it. Some tips are provided in this write-up to help you in choosing right lighting for home as well as office. 

Lighting for home

Lighting for entryway
The lighting at the entry of your home should look very inviting. So it is important to choose a light that can set right mood of the guest right at the entry of your home. One pendant light like a chandelier can be sufficient for your entryway if it is bigger in size otherwise a large sized floor lamp in the corner of your entryway can also change the mood of the person entering it. You can also use traditional lights to focus on the artwork you have displayed on the walls of your entryway.

Lighting for living Room
While lighting your living room you should use balanced lighting so that they can be used flexibly not only for the entertainment of the people there but also for relaxing them. So you can consider using pendant lamps or chandeliers as focal point of your living room but it should be according to the style of that room. You can also use sconces and floor lamps in your living room as their dim light can change your mood within seconds.

Lighting in dining room
It is very easy to choose right lighting for your dining room as the focal point of this room is your dining table. You can use pedant light or chandelier hanging low on the dining table for this purpose. A large chandelier can be suitable on a large size dining table. You can also add accent lights or a task lamp to focus certain important features of the room.

Lighting for Kitchen
A kitchen is very important part of a home as you have to focus at various points in this area. So you will have to choose complex lighting system for your kitchen. You should use various types of lighting fixtures like pendant lamps and a chandelier or ceiling embedded spotlights so that you can get light at all the important areas n this room. Overhead lights will provide you light for basic tasks whereas pendant lights on your sink, bar or island in the kitchen can provide additional lighting on these areas. Instead of pendent lights you can also use spotlights for this purpose.

Lighting in bedroom
While choosing lighting for your bedroom you should choose one that can give you warm and cosy feeling to make it more relaxing and restful place. Pendant lighting in bedroom can be more suitable as compared to lamps. In order to set a relaxing mood in your bedroom you can also use sconces or task lightings. You can make your backdrop look more attractive by using accent lighting to highlight an art work or a photo hanging there. In order to create perfect mood in your bedroom you can use dimmer switch.

Lighting in bathroom
Though people do not care much about the lighting of their bathroom still it is very important to use task lights besides or above the vanity mirror to give you proper lighting while using it. However it gives more flattering light you should put the tasks lights at the height of your face. You can also use a pendant light or chandelier on your bath tub to give your bathroom more welcoming look. You can use a dimmer switch in the morning to make your eyes used to the lighting in your bathroom.

Tips to choose lighting for office

Choose right bulbs for your office
The bulbs used for lighting offices or homes are available in different colours and intensities. So while choosing bulbs for your office you should focus on bulbs that are equivalent to natural daylight like the fluorescent light with bulbs up to 6500K. In order to provide balanced lighting in the entire office it is important to use the bulbs that produce same level of temperature and colour. You can also use ambient lights like light coming from an open window or from a desk lamp with low intensity halogen bulb to give more clarity to your workplace.

Support overhead lights with task lighting
As per various studies the use of fluorescent lighting in the offices can cause various health problems like sleep disorder or hyperactivity etc. So to avoid such condition you can use task lighting with low glare bulbs towards your work counter or away from your computer screen to support your overhead lights.

Use indirect lights
Direct lighting can strain your eyes and cause headaches and reduce your productivity in combination with the bright light of your computer screen. So you can use indirect lighting coming from desk lamp instead of direct light coming from overhead lights to avoid such situation. Lighting fixtures giving indirect light should be placed around the office to cover the entire space evenly.

Paint the office with neutral colours
Neutral colours in your room can increase the consistency of any lighting used in your office, whether they are task lights, wall sconces or overhead lights. You should use neutral colours instead of bright and dark colours on the floors and walls of you office to reduce their reflection.

Induce natural light in to the office
It will allow you to use not only free light but healthy light also as it will help your body to produce more vitamin D to improve your mood and reduce depression. You can improve visual clarity and focus by using low watt task lights with natural light.

In this way, you can improve the mood and your performance by using correct lighting whether it is your home or office. The tips provided in this write-up can help you in choosing right lighting for home as well as office.