Monday, 20 February 2017

Top 10 Benefits Of Using LED Lights for Home and Office Lighting

If you are still using the conventional lighting, you need to switch to the LED light system. The change, particularly in the quality of light will be phenomenal. There has been a lot of hype created around the light emitting diode (LED) bulbs. They have swept the entire Singapore’s convention marketplace due to their incredible efficiency. Though many homeowners know them for their long life and energy efficiency, these bulbs also offer many other advantages to homeowners and office lighting. Here some of the 10 main benefits of using LED lights for your office and home lighting:

• Extended life span
This is one the main benefit that is creating the hype about LEDs. Unlike the conventional light, the operational time expectancy for these bulbs is incredibly high. A quality LED light can last for more than 100,000 hours of operation. This time is equal to 11 years of continuous operation or 22 years of half-day operating. Compared to the traditional lights such as the fluorescence bulbs that life expectant is quite low, LED is definitely the best. With such extended life span, the operational/maintenance cost of these bulbs will definitely be very low, and this will have a positive impact on your finances.

• Durable Quality
These lights do not come with filaments and glass enclosures, and thus they are not prone to breakages. One main con with conventional lightings is, once it breaks the glass or the filament blows up, that is the end of it. LEDs are highly resistant to vibrations, and they can withstand the roughest conditions. They are designed with strong components that are highly rugged to withstand the toughest weather condition. They do not use glass, and thus they can withstand a fall, and this makes them ideal for the outdoor light systems. Exposure to wind, rain, and sunlight will have no adverse impact on them.

• High Energy Efficiency
LEDs have come to address the problem of low energy efficiency that is typical with convention lighting. For example, traditional lights operated at 20% energy efficiency with 80% of the electrical being lost as heat. Such low efficiency would cost the homeowners vast some sums regarding electrical bills. With LEDs, energy efficiency ranges between 80%-90%. It means that only roughly 20% of the electrical power is lost as heat. This means that 80% of the bill paid has been utilized for the room lighting and this means that you are getting value for your money. You will also be paying less for electrical bills.

• High controllability/design flexibility
LEDs are highly flexible when it comes to design and application. They can easily combine in any shape to produce the required illumination efficiency. If compared to the conventional lighting system, it will cost you a lot to make the system dimmable. With LEDs, they are highly compatible with a regulating semiconductor to achieve this and in a high precision. These bulbs can even dim up to 10% of the light output while most conventional lights can only reach 30%. Such high controllability is one of the benefits you will enjoy by installing them in your home or the office.

• Higher Application efficiencyWhen rated on light dispersing, LEDs stands out from the rest. The bulbs are designed to focus their lights and are easy to direct to a particular location. You do not need external reflectors to achieve this. The same thing is hard to achieve the conventional lighting system. With a well-designed LED light system, you can deliver light more efficiently to the desired location. It can be illuminating the study table at home, office desk or any other places that would need more light.

• Instant on/rapid cycling
You must have observed that a majority of the conventional bulbs such as fluorescent lamps takes the time to provide full brightness when switched on. They would take a minute or minutes to reach the maximum light. The LED bulbs address such shortcomings. With these bulbs, they will 100% brightness instantly after switching on. On the other hand, traditional lighting particularly filament bulbs would not withstand frequent on/off switching. They would either blow up or have their operation life expectancy drastically reduced. With LEDs, switching on and off frequently have no effect on their lifespan. These bulbs are suitable for homes with kids.

• Zero UV and IR emissions
Incandescent bulbs were known for their high IR and UV emissions. This increases the healthy risk to the homeowners as these emissions are known for causing serious health complications such as skin cancer. With 80% of the energy lost, most of it is converted into Infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) radiations which are hazardous to human. With LEDs, the emission of IR and UV is rated at zero. It makes LED lighting system the best for offices where there are objects sensitive to UV such as art galleries. They are also good illuminating materials that are sensitive to heat.

• Ecological friendly
Unlike the convention lights that are manufactured of hazardous materials such as mercury, LEDs are free of toxic chemicals. They are also 100% recyclable, unlike the traditional bulbs. Their long lifespan means that less material will be sourced from the nature to manufacture these bulbs. These will ease off the pressure on the available raw materials. These are just a few of the factors that make LEDs ecologically friendly and this will result in a healthier environment for all of us.

• Can operate in extreme temperatures
LEDs are ideal for extreme temperatures. They can be operated at low temperatures and, high temperature without affecting the light quality. They are good for outdoor lighting, and the quality of light remains the same. You can use LEDs them in freezers, refrigerators and the parking lots. This is contrary to convention lights that could be affected negatively by the extremely temperature ranges.

• Can run low voltage
When the voltage supply is low, candescent bulbs will start dimming, and the quality of light is extremely poor. But for LEDs, a low voltage is still sufficient for illumination. You will not even notice that there is low voltage or fluctuations. This feature makes them ideal for solar-energy sources where voltage can sometimes go low.

These are top 10 benefits that you will enjoy by lighting your home or office with LED lights. They are highly efficient, and their operational life expectancy is incredibly high. The quality of light produced is top notch, and your health is guaranteed. Though the initial lighting cost may be higher compared to traditional ones, you will get value for your money.